CoverFrontAn adventure in the heart of an ancient civilization

This is the story of Tut, a young Egyptian Pharaoh that was held hostage at his palace by the evil and powerful elite. The Royal Vizier, the Royal Priest, the Royal Judge, and Thebes’ Warlord, want Tut’s legacy to begin and end in the dark. Tut was most concerned with the well being of his people. He, his friend Nubia and their fascinating animal friends, Sobek the crocodile, Baboo, the monkey, Anubis, the dog and Haaru, the falcon, attempt to change the world. Together, they challenge Zar, Wazeer, Zaalim and Moheb who plot to get rid of Tut in the most deceiving ways. Tut, Nubia and their friends found unexpected allies in the most startling circumstances. They believed that peace is the most powerful weapon to fight and win a war. Is it possible? They begin their quest and there is no return.