The Royals of Thebes


The pharaoh’s long time vizier and confidante. When the pharaoh gets ill, Wazeer is given powers that enable him to rule on the pharaoh’s behalf. Wazeer belittles tut and takes away all of the young king’s powers. With his eyes on the crown, Wazeer misuses his authority and plots with the royal priest to get rid of tut.  Let’s find out how their plot unfolds.


The palace’s royal priest, Zar, is feared by all, for he represents the unknown.  Even the pharaoh would not challenge Zar. In his temple Zar resides with hundreds of priests that influence the life of the king and people of Egypt. Zar thinks very highly of himself and doesn’t like anyone else, even Wazeer, who he conspires with to get to the throne at any price.  Will tut let Zar succeed in his devilish plot?


A mighty leader and warrior. He is the commander of the biggest army in the world and his officers and soldiers respect him and are loyal to him. He fights with his men and is always in the front line ready to die for the love of the country. Wazeer and Zar use Moheb to accomplish their wicked plan. Will Moheb recognize the trap he stepped into, or will it be too late?


A long time loyal servant of the royal family, Maaji the skillful magician has extraordinary abilities that ultimately help tut on his journey. The old man has a nice but crooked smile and piercings all over his face, yet his odd look does not match up with his kindness and love for tut. Maaji plays a pivotal role assisting tut to get to his final destination and back to the palace. He has many surprising moves in his bag of tricks.


Zaalim's love for himself exceeds no other. He takes meticulous care of his appearance, his jewelry and his wardrobe. Zaalim sits on the country’s supreme court and his word supersedes everyone else’s. His court has seen numerous unjust verdicts. Thousands of men and women lost their lives, their loved ones or their properties, to Zaalim’s unjust rulings. The people are fed up with him and his court. Will they have the courage to stand up for their rights?