Tut is the young prince who lost both his parents before he was nine. He suddenly found himself the righteous king of Egypt. None of the royals considered the young boy as their leader, so he masterminded a plan to gain authority and power and help the deserving people of Egypt. Tut is uncertain of the consequences of this plan but is determined to complete his journey with his friends.


Nubia is a dark skinned 9-year old girl with a yearning for adventure. She is Tut’s best friend and confidante. It didn’t matter to Nubia that Tut was royal. Throughout their journey, her strong and witty personality blossoms and provides Tut with the support he needs to achieve his goal. The persistent, strong-willed and smart young girl will continue to surprise you throughout this adventure.


Beesso is one of Egypt’s finest warriors who was selected by the Pharaoh as Tut’s personal bodyguard. The good looking man guards Tut with his life and will do anything to protect him. He is the only person who knows where the young Pharaoh is, while the royals are searching for their king everywhere. Beesso keeps the secret to himself and takes on the risk to search for his king on his own. Will he find him?


Tut’s closest friend and pet. He is a 30-inch high black shepherd that is clever, witty, obedient and full of energy. Dogs were symbols for protecting the tombs in ancient Egypt. He and Baboo stood by Tut when they felt he was threatened by the crowd in Memphis.  Will they be able to protect him when Tut is carried away by droves of people that stood outside the castle?


An Egyptian monkey that Tut brought up since he was born. He understands most of what Tut says. He accompanies Tut and Nubia in their trip north and without his talents, they will get lost in the dark tunnels and rooms of the Great Pyramid. Baboo recruits his fellow monkeys to ensure Tut finishes his journey peacefully. Read this fascinating book to learn how he did it.


Despite being a massive, 9-foot long, albino crocodile, Sobek is the most gentle and loyal creature. He was given to Tut as gift from Maaji, the Royal Magician; in ancient Egypt crocodiles were symbols of power. And power he had! Sobek and Tut grew up together and had a daily ritual of Tut riding on his back across the river to visit his mother’s tomb. Sobek and Tut have an unspoken language, where they can communicate just by looking at each other. His size and intelligence are pivotal in accomplishing Tut’s journey. But Sobek has a plan of his own. Wonder what it is?


Haaru is the falcon, a big bird that Maaji the magician sends with Tut to spy on his enemies. What does the fastest living creature do? With his exceptional power of vision, he is Tut’s eyes in the sky. He yelps loudly to give Tut the updates. He also uses his ear piercing cries to alert people while they are asleep. Why does he do this? Read the book to find out.